To assure Therezópolis high quality standard, we trusted the best brewmasters. We searched for the brilliant and talented minds of truly beer-lovers. It is not enough to taste and detect the drink features, it is essential to fully master the production processes and not to fear innovating. That was how we found Gabriel and Carlos, the great names behind Therezópolis.


∙ Sommelier

SENAC/Doemens (Germany)

∙ Brewer

Brazilian Service for Industrial Training – SENAI - Center of Technology (Vassouras)

Gabriel was born in Teresópolis, into a family of doctors; he decided to follow his great lifelong passion for the beer world and in 2009, decided to start new recipes as a domestic brewer. Three years later, in 2012, he started working in his hometown, heading the creation and production of Vila St. Gallen craft beers, the Therezópolis beer Experience Center. In 2015, he received the award for the best brewer from the “Melhores do ano [Best of the year] Prazeres da Mesa/Cacau Show”. Gabriel also hosts the TV show Cervejantes, a game show at Globosat+ channel, along with Paula Yunes, Leonardo Botto and Gustavo Renha.

For me it is an enormous joy to receive the public and find brewer friends at events to exchange ideas and receive suggestions about the beer market.

∙ Brewmaster

Technical University of Munich (Germany)

∙ Engineer

Armando Alves Penteado Foundation (São Paulo)

Brewmaster for more than 35 years, Carlos carries in his German origins the passion for beer. Right after finishing college, he visited the branch of a Brazilian beer brand in Agudos, a city in the countryside of São Paulo State. He then started to dedicate his scientific and academic knowledge to his real vocation. His first job was as a brewer apprentice, and after becoming an experienced professional in the factory where he worked, he sought for his international education. He is currently living in Teresópolis and working at Vila St. Gallen, Hesse is responsible for attesting the quality of Therezópolis beer, elected the best light lager of Copa Cervezas de America 2014 and awarded a silver medal at Festival Brasileiro de Cerveja 2014; Hesse closely coordinates every production step.

Beer awakens art on me.