It all began in 1912, when Alfredo Claussen, a grandson of Danish origin, founded Teresópolis first brewery in the Mountain Region of Rio de Janeiro. Believing the Nordic tradition of his ancestors, the brewmaster blended the best raw material imported from Europe with the crystalline mineral water from mountains. This combination gave birth to a beautiful golden-colored Lager—Therezópolis beer.

With the end of World War I and the breaking up of diplomatic relations with the German block, Brewmaster Claussen found some difficulties to import the finest raw material and he was forced to stop producing the beer in commercial scale, producing it only on special occasions. Years later, Sankt Gallen BREWERY was able to rescue that precious pioneering spirit and introduced the portfolio of special Therezópolis beers, a gift to indulge all tastes!



Passion and talent are vital ingredients not only for the choice of profession, but also for meeting the high quality standards of Brazilians’ favorite drink. That is the role our skilled brewmaster, Carlos Eduardo Hesse, brilliantly performs. He is responsible for rigorously following each step of the production process of the hundred-year-old Therezópolis beer, a fascinating work that counts on the reinforcement of Gabriel Di Martino, brewer that assures the excellence of Vila St. Gallen’s craft tap beer. Those two great names that hold vocation and competency make up the recipe of our success.


Therezópolis appreciates the essential elements that foster its unforgettable experience within the brand: Our unwavering commitment to high quality standards, awareness of responsible drinking, incentive to good social integration moments and of course, brewing culture development. All of those principles are translated into seven irresistible labels and at the own enchanting Vila St. Gallen, the center of Therezópolis’ brewery experience—a combination that has been conquering more and more appreciators.